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Physical Therapy for Seniors

Our goal at All Saints Home Health Care is to help senior citizens live as independently as possible. Our personalized physical therapy services help relieve pain and restore physical functions.

Make your day-to-day activities easier. Benefit from the many advantageous short- and long- term effects of physical therapy. Talk to an expert today at (205) 253-2016.

What Is Elderly Physical Therapy and What Are the Benefits?

As we age, we start to lose muscle mass and mobility. Fortunately, muscle loss is reversible at any age. Physical therapy for elders includes a combination of stretching, walking, massage, and hydrotherapy techniques to restore muscle strength. Which means you can get back to doing all the things you used to do.

Physical therapy is also known to help relieve pain caused by a number of illnesses. In some cases, physical therapy can even help prevent them! Some of the medical conditions that can be improved through therapeutic services include:

• Arthritis: Your physical therapist (PT) will work with you to increase your range of motion and decrease any pain and swelling associated with arthritis.

• Osteoporosis: Your PT will show you many exercises to improve your stability and posture. To prevent osteoporosis, your PT will create a customized weight-lifting regimen.

• Cancer: The negative side-effects of cancer and cancer treatments often include pain and swelling. Your PT will provide solutions to alleviate your symptoms.

• Strokes: Stroke recovery is often a long and frustrating experience. Working with a personal PT will shorten your recovery time by retraining your brain and limbs to function as they used to.

• Dementia: Your PT will customize an exercise plan that incorporates movements from your past (like gardening, for example) that will stimulate memories and mental health.

Because physical therapy can offer preventative advantages, you don’t have to wait for old age to set in to benefit from our services. Take action now to improve your quality of life by starting a physical therapy routine catered to your needs.

What Senior CitizensCan Expect from Our Physical Therapy

When you walk through our doors, you’re safe in the care of extensively trained registered physical therapists. We’re also very friendly, too—so there’s nothing to worry about! During your first appointment, one of our amiable professionals will conduct a physical exam and assessment. We want to evaluate your current physical condition for things like muscle mass and joint flexibility. Then, our experts will give you their diagnosis, accompanied by a suggested treatment plan. From there, we’ll work with you on a regular or semi-regular basis to enhance your overall well-being.

A Physiotherapy Clinic with Flexible Scheduling Options

We understand that you have a lot on your plate. That’s why our physical therapists maintain flexible hours. Why not drop us a line? Our friendly administrative staff is happy to help you find an arrangement that suits your schedule.

Physical Therapy for the Elderly—Get Started Today

If you or your loved one require physical therapy, All Saints Home Health Care is the only place to go. The earlier you start, the better the results! Call us today for more information.

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